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Kinds of Sporter Careers

  1. Coach
  2. Sports Information Director
  3. Athletic Trainer
  4. The Wage of Sports Careers
    Name Wage(dollar/year)
    Coach $30,640
    Sports Information Director $37,316
    Athletic Trainer $42,439

    What makes a Great coach?

    1. The very best coaches get their athletes to believe in themselves
    2. The really effective coaches do not use embarrassment & humiliation as “TEACHING TOOLS”
    3. Great coaches are great life teachers
    4. The best coaches keep the game in perspective
    5. Great coaches do not let their egos and self-worth get tied up in the outcome
    6. Great coaches understand individual differences in their athletes
    7. The best coaches coach the person, not just the athlete
    8. The best coaches are flexible
    9. The great coaches are great communicators
    10. Good coaches take the time to listen to and educate their athlete's parents
    11. GOOD coaches “walk the talk” with their athletes and parents
    12. Good coaches keep the learning environment emotionally safe
    13. Great coaches continually challenge their athletes to do better and push their limits
    14. The best coaches continually challenge themselves
    15. The very best coaches are passionate about what they do
    16. Good coaches are empathic and tuned into the feelings of their players
    17. Good coaches are honest and conduct themselves with integrity
    18. The best coaches make the sport fun for their athletes
    19. Good coaches are not defensive in their interactions with their players or parents
    20. Great coaches use their athletes' mistakes and failures as valuable teaching opportunities